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Thursday's matches fixed by Zesta1 with 21 and 97 odds

Continuation: about settling our debt and dues to others.

So like the spare parts business, I woke up one morning packed up, boxed and sent my working tools home, gave out what I could give, told family and friends that I was traveling, some supported me and encouraged me on my new quest for a better life, others thought I was making a huge mistake by throwing all I had away for the so many uncertainty that awaits me in my plans.

A friend told me I was impatient and that giving up and me, are like five and six, Oh God he was so wrong, if only he knew better, an aunt also told me I was going to die single if I don't stop pursuing money like a man, well she said that out of love, and I do not fault her, That was her way of telling me it's not all about money, (I hear that allot) but if only she saw my heart, and realized that it was all about success for me, failure has slapped me countless times on the face, but each time I harden my heart dust myself and keep pushing.

I packed a very small suitcase, bought ticket and headed to the land where it all started from, the land of my very small first beginning, a land where I call home and has been home since 2012(how it all began, is a story for another day).

So I got to Ghana, in the first few months of my stay, all I did was house chores, ran errands, assisted when I'm needed, stood and watched when I'm not, everyone had a job with their payslip intact except for me, because you see I had arrived the country and company when there was little or nothing much to be done, so there was no actual job description to fit me in, so I hovered around every one rendering a helping hand, I was everywhere and nowhere.

But eventually I got posted to head a branch, at first, my employers where very skeptical about posting me because I had been away from the country and the business for a long time, let's say 5years, they doubted I was gonna be able to handle it, and then again came the constant reminder of me being a woman. Well I assured them that I was gonna do my best and they should try me, well with my previous record in the business and for the fact that after five years I could still speak the Asante Language (Twi) fluently, that was assurance enough for them.

So I got to work, poured in my heart, soul, and body to it, I worked on every little details, made sure my customers do not request for a particular item twice and not finding it to buy, so for this, I was always on the road and on my toes, stocking my station with new items, some we had in the warehouse and some I will have to take a trip to our Chinese business associates establishment, what about customers service my sweet tongue and special treatment always keeps them coming back, and in just one month of resumption, we recorded the heights sales of all our branches and I made sure we never go below that standard but instead we claimed higher, and the rest was history.

But Note: my commitment to the business was not only because I wanted the business to grow, my future depended on it, it was more like a test run to prove my worth and importance to the business, a test that would determine if I did fail on this journey or succeed, but I passed, and guess what it's paying off now, because this year came with more trust, faith, recommendation, promotion and financial growth. but,(there is always a but, that's because my journey isn't over, this isn't the end of the road for me, this in fact, is a means to another means)

To actualise a dream, you must first dream of it, paint a picture of it, work towards it, and make intentional commitments towards it.

now about my unsettled debt back home!!!

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