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Reactions As Supposed Elder Was Caught At A Betting Center

A man seen in a picture trending online with a Holy Bible in hand supposedly an Elder of a church surprises all as he is seen at a betting center.

The man(supposed elder) who was seen standing at the centre looked very inquisitive at what he was seeing.

If the man is truly an elder, then his church members will definitely expose him at church and all will get to know about this.

From the look of things, it even seems he was either on his way to church or just returning from church because of his outfit and the Bible in his possession.

"Elder nie betting nie", as could be seen beneath the post indicates that it is very surprising to see a man of God at such a place as he is the one responsible for even teaching his church members not to bet over football matches and that it is not accepting in the Bible.

At this very point, you would begin to imagine what the others present at the betting center would be thinking upon seeing the supposed elder enter the place.

The Holy book we know speaks against gambling and this we know is another form of gambling that sometimes end up giving people heartbreaks and making them loose hope in themselves.

If we know something or an activity is not accepted by our faith to be a good thing, why then do we go about doing them and think of how to hide them from the community forgetting if no man sees, God sees?

If indeed the man seen in the picture is an elder, how then can he advice the others to stay away from it while he himself is doing it?

What then do elders of this sort expect the church members and their families to learn from, if they themselves do not live good exemplary lives worth emulating?

As leaders and personalities that people look up to, let us always be mindful of actions we take in order not to mislead the others. Check out for the picture of supposed elder that is causing stir online.

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