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Our Phones Are Being Suffocated By Unnecessary Loan Messages: Teacher Cries

The power to operate as a bank or financial institution is always sactioned by the Bank of Ghana. However, one wonders how checks are conducted on the operations of these institutions in our country. There is no denying the fact that, alot of these soo call financial institutions begin to abuse the licence given to them by the Bank of Ghana. Key among them are: Ezwe Loans, AFB, Bayport Financial Services but not limited to. These institutions and or their agents continue and many others continue to flood our text inboxes with unmerited text messages on daily basis.

A Ghanaian government worker could receive as much as 100 and above loan advertisement messages within an hour. The practice is becoming soo nauseating and unbearable. Though, per the laws of our country, the practice is not permissible, unless under certain conditionalities. However, it has become hobby for some of these financial institutions.

If you happen to be a teacher or government worker it is then that you could appreciate the hurting feeling concerning the unusual practice. To the best of one's knowledge, institutions could only send such messages to their customers based on their consents. The question that remains in the achieves of our brains is," How do these financial institutions get full access to contact details of the employees of Ghana?" Our individual banks are suspects, the controller and accountant general department and the telecommunication companies could not be left out of this accusation.

The practice is messing up businesses of citizens, as it continues to make businessmen, teachers among others lost vital messages concerning appointments, interviews etc.

I call on all the financial institutions involving themselves in the practice to bring it to a hault immediately, before the bank of Ghana descends upon them.

Humble appeal goes to the the Bank of Ghana to correct the occurrence before it's too late.

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