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Head of Minerals Investment Fund frustrated by Afia Pokua and Ato Forson on UTV’s Critical Issues

Ghana has been made to grapple with a lot of issues in the run up to the 2020 elections. One of the issues relates to the infamous Agyapa Deal. The deal has received so much backlash from Ghanaians, especially the opposition NDC and other civil society organizations. The opposition feel that the deal will hamper the interests of many Ghanaians.

Today Saturday September 5, 2020 on UTV’s Critical Issues, Afia Pokua interrogated Ato Forson, a member of the Parliamentary Finance team and Yaw Baah the head of the MInerals Investment Fund on a host of questions relating to the brouhaha that has surrounded the Agyapa deal. 

One of the key questions that dominated the show was how the valuation of the deal was arrived at. Lawyer Ato Forson quizzed Yaw Baah on how government arrived at the estimated $ 1bn for the deal. 

Ato Forson said the only problem that the NDC and Civil Society Organizations have with the deal is that there has been an undervaluation of the deal. This drew the attention of the host who also quizzed how the deal came about the amount. Ato Forson indicated that the deal should be more than $3.7bn. 

In reaction, Yaw Baah said that he was just a layman who had no idea about how the figure was arrived at. He said that the matter of valuation was a thing for the financial experts and not someone of his caliber. The only explanation he could give was that it was important for every business man to have a fair idea of the valuation of his company before going to trade. 

Afia Pokua then went on further to ask why then that small amount since they could have estimated more. Once again he indicated that this matter was reserved for the experts of which he wasn’t. He acknowledged that the deal was genuine and will benefit all Ghanaians.

Do you believe the deal could have been worth more than its current valuation? Is the ruling NPP trying to swindle Ghanaians by providing a low valuation for Ghana’s gold? is the NDC just making noise over nothing?

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