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Authorities Suspend Market Activities In The Bosomtwe District

The outbreak of the corona virus and the rate at which this novel is spreading has brought a halt to many economic activities particularly on trade and exchange.

Ghana recorded its first cases of this pandemic on March 11, 2020 and we have since then witnessed the virus spread to other parts of the country with 10 out of the total of the 16 regions in the country having recorded confirmed cases. As an effort of the country to contain the pandemic and reduce if not eliminate the pandemic, the president of the country, His Excellency Nana Addo Danuah Akuffo Addo, declared a partial lock down in some parts of the country that had recorded some number of cases. In pursuance of this lock down declared, authorities are to ensure that the people stay home and adhere to the precautionary measures put in place by the health officials and WHO.

However, in one of the Districts in the Ashanti region- namely Bosomtwe District the people are partially allowed to engage in market activities to get some basic needs to survive their families. Market women and sellers are no exception as they are also allowed to sell at some specific times of the day. Some towns particularly Kuntenase, Aputuogya and Jachie have their respective days considered as a grand market day.

In pursuance of the social distancing policy suggested by the World Health Organization(WHO), authorities in this District have halted trading on these market days. During their respective grand market days, the people re not allowed to engage in the market activities as an effort to reduce the spread of the pandemic. The authorities disclosed that, during these market days people from all around the District come together to trade on the specific market which is coupled with overcrowding and congestion; a breach to the social distancing policy.

The authorities have also in an attempt to tame down the virus has placed quota on the number of people to be present at the market place at a time. They are really enforcing and adhering to the social distancing policy in the District.

In spite of all these measures expounded by the authorities, the people are calling on the authorities and those in charge to place the Veronica buckets at vantage points in the District at least for Drivers and other front line workers.

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