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"NSS personnel could have made better use of their allowances" according to a renowned educationist

To all National Service Persons, your NSS period ends this month, August. Your total allowance for the year, at least, sums up to ghc6,708 (559ghc × 12months). How much capital have you saved in your account now? Can it start a 'little' business or you are joining the unemployed mass? In Ghana, unemployment is real. As Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, I share with you some strategies to aid you in this 'sensitive' job-search mood.

1. From now, Make the "search-for-job" your full-time work (8am - 5pm). Search everywhere. Take every opportunity. Money is not in the office only. Much more are on the streets. Get dirty. Get on the ground. Get tired. Wet your handkerchief. Just leave home with your CV/application letter. Go to the 'national' and 'regional' headquarters of companies, not district/local branches. Those district people talk 'shit' and 'nonsense' a lot.

2. Call all your phone contacts. Send each a WhatsApp message. DM your Facebook friends. Tell your Pastor. Announce it at church, alumni platform, societies/clubs, that you're looking for a job. Inform your girlfriend. Get everyone involved in the search. After all, if you make it, all of them will 'chop' some through offering, tithe, dues, etc. I know that some of them will ignore you but, at least, 20% may come on board. Sign up to online job alerts. A lot of jobs are uploaded online.

3. If you were able to save half or one-third of your annual allowance, i.e. ghc2,000/3,000, then start some 'small' business. You can deal in 'second-hand' clothes ('bail'), mobile money business, footwear retail, and several others. There are several 'mini' but promising businesses you can start with ghc3,000. Look around your community, identify a need, and meet it. That's how all great businesses start.

4. Also, you can enter into joint partnership with your friends. This is highly recommended though it's not common in Ghana. Contact nine more of your friends who have also saved ghc2,000/3,000 like you and put your monies together to make ghc20,000/30,000 and get into joint business. You can start a drug store business, run a 'taxi' business, or any good business. This is quite a technical business and so you may have to do some broader consultations, Counsellor Daniel is available.

5. ABOVE ALL, remember that ONLY GOD guarantees success in life. Reach him through regular prayers. No human intentions, plans, and efforts, irrespective of how intelligent they may be, can succeed genuinely without GOD'S intervention. PRAY, PRAY and PRAY. Though it's difficult to secure a job, remaining unemployed is still OPTIONAL.

Thank you,

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi

Counsellor | Educationist

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