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Gold Coast Security Customers Are To Follow These Steps/Procedures To Retrieve Their Locked Up Funds

During the banking sector cleanup, most financial companies were affected and these led to the locked up of most of the funds/monies of many customers.The government have paid some of the customers but majority of them still remain unpaid.

In an interview with TV3 on Saturday midday news the PRO of Coalition of Gold Coast Security Customers, he said that the proposed payment plan was very cumbersome and laborious. He explained the procedure as below:

1.The customer will receive a text message from the receivers or securities and exchange commission (SEC).

2.You use the code in the text message sent to you to assess an online page.

3.Fill a form online and then print it out.

4.Send the printed forms to GCB Bank.

5.After sending it to GCB Bank you wait for 5 working days then go bank to GCB Bank for another forms.

6.Fill the forms and then waiting for another 5 working days.

7.Then you go to the GCB Bank for another validation.

8.After 2 working days then you can now check to see if your account have been credited.

This is the step the customers are supposed to go through in order to assess their funds. The highest cut of funds the government can pay is Gh 50,000 cedis.

This process seems quite laborious and stressful. But to assess your funds then you have to go through this process.

According to the PRO the SEC says that the customers will start receiving the text messages from Monday 23rd November 2020.

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