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Some fun fact about Kumerica.

Some fun fact about Kumerica.


Aug 31, 2020 6:14 PM

Opera News Ghana

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All hail the good people of Kumerica. Ever wondered how the name came about? Well, the name ‘Kumerica’ has been trending on social media all week.

According to social media trends, natives of the Ashanti Region now want to be known as Kumericans.

That’s not just it, the entire Ashanti Region popularly known as Oseikrom is now referred to as the United States of Kumerica, USK for short.

“Kumerica to the world, they can’t war with us!,” the motto of this new state.

Here is a list of some fun facts about Kumerica:

Kumerican Passport

Information reaching us has it that there is an alleged mad rush for the Kumerican passport.

You cannot identify yourself as a Kumerican if you don’t bare this passport.

Kumerican ice cream

A woman was seen in Kumasi now Kumerica brand her ice cream product with 'KUMERICAN ice cream'.

Kumerican signboard

Kumerica signboard shows a pleasant welcome into the Kumerica land, written as 'Welcome to KUMERICA'.

Kumerican Shs in American

Kumericans have branded their shs in american.

Kumerican logo

Their logo shows their version of USA -United states of Asante.

Kumerican location in American

All location in Kumerican have been branded in American.

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