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How the World richest kept 75% of his stock in his company, Amazon after his Divorce.

Jeff Bezos ex-wife McKenzie Bezos could’ve taken her ex-husband for half of what he was worth, which could have earned her $60 plus billion dollars legally. Instead she ended up with about half of what she had the right to take, a little over $30 billion.

That said, my guess is McKenzie had the wisdom to know that the fight simply wasn’t worth it. An additional $30 billion wouldn’t change her life. Not only that but since she was mostly just getting stock, prolonging their divorce, making it ugly, going public, and ‘sticking it to him’ would only make things worse for her in the end since their wealth is still tied together through Amazon.

When MacKenzie Bezos divorced Jeff Bezos in 2019, after 25 years of marriage, she walked away with a 4% stake of Amazon worth nearly $40 billion. That stake alone puts her wealth in line with the 25 richest billionaires on the planet — she's number 22, according to the newly updated Forbes billionaires list.

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