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List of 10 Money lending companies in Ghana for instant loans

Getting instant loans in this era is much simpler. The number of money lending companies and micro-finance firms in Ghana is growing. As a result, identifying the best lender for you can be challenging.

Lending firms remove the question of guarantors and security before they offer their loans. Banks, on the other hand, will ask you to seek for guarantors and then you have to secure your loan.

While there are many pros of lenders, borrowers should be keen not to be conned by dubious companies. Best money lending companies in Ghana Many people are opting to get money from lending companies at the expense of banks and other traditional institutions. You are sure to get an instant loan without much paperwork.

Below is a list of the top money lenders in Ghana:

1. Cash Ghana Limited

Cash Ghana Limited is one of the best personal loan lenders in the country. The institution offers both pawn and payday loans. If you want to sell your unused items in exchange for money, then this platform is for you.

2. Paylater

Paylater offers short-term loans in Ghana. Their mobile application has a simple interface that is easy to use. Aside from access to instant credit, you have an opportunity to save cash with the institution. The amount saved will earn a maximum interest of 15.5%.

3. Fido Money Lending

Fido Money Lending Limited is a well-known platform that offers instant online loans in Ghana. Your request is processed in less than ten minutes provided you meet their minimum criteria. Their application is freely available on Apple Store and Play Store.

4. MTN Qwikloan

MTN Qwikiloan is a product of MTN and AFB Bank. The service is, therefore, only available for MTN subscribers. You can access a maximum of GHC 1000 without much hassle.

5. MTN Xpress Loan

The list of mobile money loans in Ghana is incomplete without mentioning the MTN Xpress Loan web application. Credit is given instant to MTN Money within seconds to those that qualify. The only downside of this resource is that only selected customers who have met the set targets are given loans.

6. Izwe Loans

Izwe Loans is one of the most reliable institutions for big loans. The agency’s main goal is enriching customers’ lives by offering them solutions to their needs. The company has grown its branch network to almost every part of the country. This makes it easy for anyone to access, contact, and apply for loans.

7. KiaKia

Despite being new to the industry, KiaKia has already become the favourite platform for quick loans to many Ghanaians. It provides short-term credit to help its customers cover unexpected expenses. The mobile app comes with an easy to use interface that lets you know your creditworthy status in a few seconds.

8. Branch

Branch is one of the best applications for online loans without collateral. It works 24/7, thus you do not have to wait for specific times when you urgently need cash. A commission is given if you invite your friends using your affiliate link.

9. Palm Credit

Palm Credit is one of the popular lending platforms in Ghana that provides its users with collateral-free quick loans. You can take as many loans as you can once a credit limit is assigned. You do not need any verification if the limit is not exceeded. The faster you pay the debt, the higher your limit will grow over time.

10. Fair Money

Fair Money is one of the best online money lenders in Ghana. Their credit is never backed up by collaterals, savings, or shares. You can register, request for a loan and have it deposited to your account instantly without any delays. The above are some of the best money lending companies in Ghana. Keep in mind that you should repay your debts in time to avoid being blacklisted.

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