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How to use 20 pesetas to attract customers to your business

Do you know coins can also help with good luke.You may be surprise but am not.Peopel will be like how can a coin help attract customers to your business.Yes,it can.

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In this article,Am going to show you how you can use 20 pesetas to attract customers to your business and make more money.

Coins have positive part which helps in attracting more customers and money.As for me i don't play with my coins because it attracts money customers to my business everyday.Actually people think buying products with coins means your poor but they do not know the other side of it.

How to start it.

Get your 20 pesetas coin or your country's coin whether you are from Togo,United States,London just have your country's 20 pesetas coin to do it.

Put the 20 pesetas coin under your pillow and sleep on it till early morning.In the morning don't not talk to anyone before using it.Take the coin under your pillow and say this prayer."God of Isreal,the creator of the universe,The God of the morning star,let your favour locate me and let your mercies follow me everywhere I go.I want you to help me through this coin and attract more customers and money to me everyday.Angels of the universe help me to attract money in Jesus Name".

After the prayers,please spit on it seven times and say your heart desire.After you have finished,put it in your wallet or shoe.Don't take it again after seven days later.That is all,it will bring you good favour and it will boost your business for you everyday and attract more customers and more money.

Don't use it till seven days,please after the seven days,throw it in the dust.That is all...You will experience the miracle of God.

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