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Check This Act Of Your Waakye Seller Before Buying

Food is inevitable to us as humans. we eat anything that wets our appetite or anything that we can afford and crave for at a particular time.

Waakye is by far the second most popular Ghanaian breakfast in the country, with the number one being Hausa koko.

One thing about waakye sellers you should take critical note is that most times they use the same hands used in selling to collect the money from customers.

As a matter of fact with the advent of the corona virus and even before that money has been branded as very dirty as it can't be washed and it is used by all. 

Be careful and look out for this small sign when buying your waakye.

Again people say when the waakye is closer to a gutter it tastes best. Please be careful cholera is real. Dont use your money to buy sickness.

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Ghanaian Hausa koko


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