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There is no evil in your family: This is why you are still not rich

We all crave to be rich and live a happy lives, but the road to riches is very rough and needs a lot of tenacity, descipline, hardwork and the favour of God. The moment we are born, we begin to have experiences which play a vital role in forming our habits. Human behaviour or habit are what we do or repeatedly do unconsciously, we don't consider whether it's positive or negative.

There are some things that if we do we will be distancing ourselves from what they call "the begining of evil". If such practices are not taking into our priority list we will continue to Chase and not find money for the rest of our life. Below are some careful points or doings that is making some of us poor.

Don't give small money chance

We have been playing with this powerful saying, but little did we know it has a very huge life impact. Oh "it is just GHC 1", oh what can GHC5 buy, my brothers and sisters poverty is jogging to your doorstep. We must not think of any money as irrelevant, because "a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean".

Spending more than your income

This is the major act that is making us poor for so long. In fact, the moment you start practicing such unworthy act, poverty becomes your friend. Distancing and resisting from this act requires "living within your means". Do not try to follow trends, don't buy what you can't afford. You have to get it in mind that you have nobody to impress in this world.

Craving for the properties of others

To avoid this lust of always wanting to have what others have worked for, we must must be satisfied and content with what we have. There is no need to be pressured to have what others own while you know that both of you are in different zones, different family backgrounds etc, you have to put in all your possible best to do away with envy in your life.

Not paying attention to where your money goes.

Budget, is the best way to manage your money. A country that fails to budget and budget well always finds themselves wanting. So as an individual you need to do your possible best to make sure you have budgeted for what you are about to spend on. Money has wings, they say, be and the moment you leave your door open via a lack of budgetary allocation, the money is going to fly away.

Getting a loan to purchase items which depreciate in value

Many people are found of this unworthy act, they take loans from banks and individual organisation and what they use the money on has no return of profit. Taking loans is not really a bad practice, but what you spend the money on makes it bad, a loan must be repaid with interest so if you take a loan without investing it wisely you will later find yourself wanting. Let's take this instance, someone can take a loan, and buy a private car or motor cycle with it, this item the person has bought will rather increase his/her expenditure, because buying of fuel itself is another issue, so how will the person payback the interest in addition to the loan?


The perfect time to start saving or start a business is now not later or tomorrow. But the one who’s poor in mindset will always be waiting for that big paycheck in order to save. Also, if you look at savings as an end in itself but mot as a means to an end, you are going to keep waiting.

But need I remind you "time and tide waits for no man”. Do not wait to earn that fat salary before you think of putting something down. Saving is a habit which must be developed, and it requires a lot of discipline too!

Wasting of resources

You cook without taking into consideration the number of people to feed, and before you realise, the food becomes so much and you will have no option than to discard the ones that weren’t consumed.

Following the crowd

As I said earlier on, do not follow trends. About 60% of human population tend to follow crowd, doing what the masses are doing, forgetting that, we live on one planet but different world ( think about it). You must weigh your pocket and check you background before you try to own what others have, this act is common among the youth of this century.

Investing money in things you are not knowledgeable about

Before you invest in anything try and dig deep into its root before you take any step.Before you let go off your money into any business or venture make sure you know all the risks involve before you let go that hard earned cash.

Let's all try our best to put the above listed points to practice and see the effects it will have on our lives.

PLEASE share to educate others too.

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