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Foreign exchange

The power of saving coins

Coins in our current world is the lowest physical means of legal tender.

Many countries have currencies in both notes and coins, while some have only notes.

Though, some countries see the use of coins in purchasing of goods as irrelevant as they deemed it 'old fashion' due to the fact that before notes came into existence coins were used first.

But there's a very good thing about coins for those whose local currency have coins as a means of legal tender.

When you spend your dollar or which ever currency note, depending on your country, you may sometimes have change which will come out as coins. The good thing about saving these coins you get back as change is that, they help in pennyless times.

Though you may see it that the coins are not of a big value, but when you save them in an enclosed box whereby you can decide to open after 6 months or 1 year, depending on individuals, you will see that you have made some huge money from savings coins which is the bit of the physical currency.

What is your opinion about saving coins?

Do you see coins as irrelevant?

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