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Want to become wealthy? Bill Gates recommend these five books

These ate the top five best books recommend by the world's richest entrepreneurs. To be honest, some books that would work for you would be terrible advice for others. So these are five books that you should read for your financial journey. So without further ado, these are the five best books for anyone.

Think and grow rich:

When to read? When you're just finishing high school or university and want to expand your horizons. This book is basically the pillar from which other business books were built. The author insist that the philosophy taught in the book can help through any line of work to do and anything they imagine.

The Secret:

When to read? When you've never read a business book book but feel you want to be successful in life. It is a fact that positive thinking is not enough but, if you're just getting started, you've decided to read self help books, the secret is the perfect place to begin.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad:

When to read? When you're ready to begin your financial journey. Whenever some one asks me, "where did I start?" I always hand over this book from my library to the person. This is the first book I read which made a huge impact on the way I see life and what it means to achieve financial freedom and learning the importance if cash flow. It is also the perfect place to understand the difference between assets and liabilities.

The Investor:

When to read? When you're thinking of investing in the stock market. The author Benjamin Graham was the mentor and the main inspiration of Warren Buffet, the third richest man in the world. In the intelligent investor he teaches the value of investing. If you want to go into stock market this is an essential book.

Money master the game:

When to read? When money starts coming in and you want to know what to do with it. Tony Robins, the author, might just be the richest self help coach in the work today. Money master the game is an incredible book that I defiantly recommend. It breaks down and simplifies the process of securing your financial future. In a way every one can understand. The beauty is the advice in it doesn't just come from the author but from people who are at +e pinnacle of wealth management.

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