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Why Is it Advisable To Have A Business System Aside Your Job

Many people in our society have not gotten a clear understanding of the difference between a job and a business. 

People doing personal development studies have a view that a business is better than jobs. 

A job means working for someone. In other words, a job simply working for an employer or a boss in an organisation for predetermined salary whether the employer makes high profit or not. 

However, business has to with one becoming an owner or a boss of a system managed by people, such as directors, managers, employees, etc,

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, in his book titled, “The Quadrant”, in which he made mention of the four quadrants of the economy. Simply differentiating between the employee, specialist, big business and investors economy. 

Where he mentioned that, the quadrants on the left, which I refer as the job economy. With these quadrants, you work for money overtime. That of course, has its pros and cons as the same as the right side of the quadrant, made up of business and investors economy, and I refer these quadrants as the business economy. With these, he said that, the business quadrant is people working for you, and investors quadrant is your money working for you.

To be able to do well in both job and business and economics, it all depends on your attitudes, skills, commitment, and financial situation. Usually, a business can be equals to a long term investment. Job is just a thing that pays a monthly salary.

Due to the risks variation between the job economy (low risk) and the business economy (high risk), many people want to play safe, so they find comfort in the left quadrant and never mind to move to the right side of the quadrant, and later retire broke with debt or insufficient funds. Leading to the rest of their lives on loans, pension schemes, etc.

I am not saying, this always happens in depending on jobs, but likely to happen, and has happened to many people who did not consider to bear the high risk moving to the quadrants on the right side and invest part of their salaries or be part of a business system, not necessarily opening a big business.

As a worker, you can do investments with credible business institutions in credible businesses or join a business system with part of your salary. A business system like network marketing business system; or creating a traditional or local business system (SME), which could be your next source of income and as a back up for financial freedom.

It is financially advisable not to depend on only one source of income, which usually is your salary if you are having a job or working for someone. 

But bear the sweet risk to move to the right side of the quadrant, either to invest for your money to work for you or getting part of a business system, whether local business system (SME) or network marketing business system. Better still, if you can afford to open a corporate business system, it is way for financial freedom and time freedom.

I encourage you, my audience to put what you have read and the knowledge acquired into action and do something for financial freedom aside your job, irrespective of the level of salary you earn monthly.

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