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GNAT Ready to Increase Minimum Mutual Fund Contribution from Ghc50 NAT Ready to Increase Minimum Mutual Fund Contribution from Ghc50 next year.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is ready to increase the minimum contribution of members from Ghc50 to a higher amount from January,2021.

Apart from the normal monthly dues their members pay to run the organization,there is also a fund contribution that members contribute as a supplementary retirement plan that will invest and pay lump sum to members after retirement but according to your contribution.

Also, while being in service, members can benefit from the fund in terms of personal loans, harbitat and mortgage loans among others with lowest interest of 18% and profet from this loan is added to your contribution at the end of the loan.

Know that GNAT is the oldest and the richest teacher union in Ghana with the largest size of membership who is valued above Ghc1 billion in 2019 as indicated in their survey bellow:

Currently, the least amount to contribute to the fund is Ghc50 and plans are underway to increase it to Ghc70 or more depending on the outcome of the survey currently going on where members are suppose to quickly respond and submit.

Remember that, the higher you contribution amount the higher the amount of loan you can take and the retirement take-home after your retirement but also note that GNAT gives flat rate of Ghc2,000 as a free chop package for any contributor who goes on retirement before they start processing your lump sum payment package.

Teachers who are members of this union should try their best to answer this survey questions to help the secretariate make an informed decision that will cater for both low and high earners within the teaching fratanity.

Do you really support GNAT in the increment proposal? and what amount do you propose from Ghc70-Ghc100.

By: Alaba86

Content created and supplied by: Alaba86 (via Opera News )

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