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"Don't Make This Mistake" Here is Why You Should Never Accept Money Exchange With Left Hand

In Africa , people typically pay in cash for shopping. This is an agreement between the buyer and the vendor for merchandise during financial transactions.

Apart from the persistent issues with minor adjustments that make purchases complicated, there is still another unforeseen but much more severe issue facing the customer. It's basically the shift that some traders have made on the left hand. What are we saying?

You sweat cold because of discoveries from a spiritualist. this is never a superstition, while in Africa anything with a left hand is usually treated as arrogant and lack of manners, there's strong spiritual meaning to giving money with a left hand which needs special attention.

Often the money paid to the retailer for transactions made includes a return on change while buying on the road, in the supermarkets or in some industries. This exchange has been rooted in our mothers for decades.

Meanwhile, we have discovered that some traders intentionally gives change with the left hand. This gesture seems normal to the point where it appeals to nobody. Meanwhile, according to a spiritualist, the change that is been given with the left hand hides many mysteries in it. According to the spiritualist, some bad traders intentionally gives change with their left hand in order to perform rituals for their own personal gain.

We now leave in a world in which metaphysics can not be ignored. And the eternal realm is better than that of the earthly universe. Anytime a seller gives change to a person with his left hand, that money loses its spiritual value, ”the spiritualist revealed".

Clearly, the money that has been returned with the left hand remains with the trader spiritually. So there is no moral meaning to the money in which the consumer returns home. Suddenly, without ever understanding the motives behind his expenses, he invest the money in a snapshot. You need to see the dealer return the money with the right hand in order to resolve this.

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