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God Help Her, See What A Woman Was Caught Hawking On The Street That Got People Talking

Have you ever see a woman with her child on her back hawking before?. 

Some times you pity them and feel like giving them all your money indeed Africa women are hard working know matter the poor economy we facing today they still find something to do making sure they provide food for their children at times even the husband. some women are the bread winner of the family's mostly in Africa homes today. 

Many of these women eats from hands to mouth because the source of income is not much and they have many responsibilities to take care of with little capital. 

Presently there's a woman which her Picture was posted on social media that made people start talking about. 

This picture show's the woman hawking and carrying her baby on her back and also carry a heavy load of snacks she have to sell that day to secure some income for herself her kids and family. 

And it was reported the women was walking so tired, like facing some challenges like market was not that good that moment and she have walk a lot hawking on the street yet no positive feed back. 

Is not been easy for some Africa mothers in our society today since many of them can't secure a good paying job in the society we find our self today they have no option then to hawk on the street know matter what even if they are sick. Know day off because if they don't hawk no food that day and the children will go to bed hungry. 

This picture have bring many reaction on the section media today asking why is she carrying such load on her head and risking the life of her child on her back. 

Many people thinks she's suffering and ask people who knows her to help her out some asking for the location of the women so they can help with the little they have. 

Some still stands on the ground that's she's hard working women and God is going to bless her and open doors of favour in her business.

what do you think about the report on ground at the moment? 

Is this right for her to hawk with her child on her back? 

As a woman can you also do what this woman is doing if in same condition. 

Here is the picture of the great human seen hawking on the street with load on her head and her child on her back;

In my way of views I think this woman is very hard working because such woman is rare to see pushing so hard to bring some income to the family in a legal way. But she really need help from the society to get her a nice place for she to be more creative expend her business and get more profit for she to take care of her children and family members with less stress. 

Some screenshot of people reaction on social media ;

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