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The Application Letter Written By This Employee Will Surprise Your Day

There are many employees who have completed their tertiary institution but find's it difficult to get job due to bad grammar in their application letters.

An employee wrote a letter for an employment but the grammar being used in the letter will definitely shock you and make your day as well.

The employee is said to be a graduate at one of the tertiary institutions located in Nigeria.

He wrote the letter to the extend that, he even added signature and added full stop in a word form.

I really wonder the kind of school he went or graduated from and can't wait to see the kind of teachers teaching them grammar.

It was noted hat, the student or the employee is known as Akinpelu Blessing Ayobam by name and he is applying for a secretary as a position in a company.

According to the employee he noted that, he was passing by and he saw a post indicated that they needed workers so he wrote the application letter to be employed.

There are many people who are suffering from the speaking of English or how to bring up good English for writing an article or letter.

I really wonder if his application letter will be granted can't wait to hear the results or feed back which will be given to him.

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Content created and supplied by: Asaliwe (via Opera News )

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