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Coconut Can Take Care Of Ghana And Create Jobs For The Youths - Captain Smart

Captain Smart says, coconut can take care of Ghana and create one million jobs for the youths in one year if only the government is reasonable.

According to Captain Smart, the international market needs nine hundred and eighty nine billion dollars coconut oil whiles coconuts are common at Nzema in the Western Region.

Captain Smart said that, if the governments are reasonable enough, then they can plant coconuts at Nzema and manufacture it into oil and that alone can create permanent jobs for the youth.

Also, the government distributing the coconut oil to the international market will take care of Ghana as more profit will be earned for development.

Captain Smart also said, the Agric Minister is aware of the benefits derived from coconut oil but his knowledge and wisdom towards it, is very low so therefore, he together with the government always claim loan for Cocoa.

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