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News on Teachers Salary Increase on July 1st

These have to do with how readily students learn. The students of a teacher who is unskilled in applying the principles outlined in the syllabus and textbook will experience difficulty; the cause in such cases rests with the teacher.

For example, a teacher who selects a subject matter too difficult for pupils in their existing state of mathematics maturity can cause much trouble. 

A teacher who gives little or no attention to motivation may expect apathetic students. A teacher who attempts to motivate pupils by punitive actions, invidious comparisons may expect to see them become fearful.

A teacher who does not secure enough feedback from students to facilitate decisions as to whether they comprehend what is being taught or who does not provide the right kind of practice which is varied and sufficient is as much a cause of students' difficulties in learning.

Without knowledge of the basic causes, a teacher may make the mistake of treating symptoms.

A teacher needs to make self-examination during diagnosis in order not to miss possible causes that may be easier to treat than other causes over which the teacher has little or no control.

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