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Public Sector Workers Say This Image Best Describe their Situation

Sometimes people find themselves in situations where they cannot voice out their feelings and intentions. In such situations they wish to have an image that can effectively express or convey the message out there in a perfect manner that will reflect the actual situation. Well, in some cases, getting the best be becomes the issue.

On the other hand, in some cases, a perfect image can do justice to the situation by conveying the true intent of the heart and mind.

Ghana has come to a point this year that almost everyone is complaining bitterly because of the high cost of living due to the sharp rise in prices of goods and services. Sharp hikes in fuel prices, food, utilities such as electricity and water and high transportation fares are currently killing the ordinary Ghanaian.

Who will hear, understand and do something about the current high cost of living.

The cry of public sector workers especially this year has been very intensed due to the the increased prices of goods and services.

Some are preparing to get on the streets with red dresses and written inscriptions on card boards soon.

Unfortunately for the ordinary Ghanaian and especially public sector workers, the sharp rise in the standard if living don't correspond with financial situation of the people. The ordinary Ghanaian was told the economy is hard and salaries cannot be increased but the same was not told fuel, food, electricity bills, transportation fares, cement, iron rods, to mention but a few.

Calls from some of the Union Leaders on government to intervene hasn't yield any results yet.

The image chanced on is just telling the actual situation on the grounds today. Salaries are walking like the turtles whiles price of fuel, food, electricity, etc are in a run like bear, horses, etc.

Can the government intervene for the workers. The crowing salary unfortunately is the same that must chase the running fuel, food and the rest.

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