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Palm Trees can create one million jobs in Ghana. This is why

Palm Tree is undoubtedly one of the plants with most uses in Ghana and the world at large. The tree has several uses which can benefit the Ghanaians and create over 1 million jobs in the country.

The rate of unemployment in the country is very high. But the Palm Tree can solve 50% of the unemployment rate in Ghana. Below is why and how to make this possible.

Palm Tree can be used to produce palm oil, beverages, wax and other items which is yet to be known. When this particular tree is planted by both individual and also the government, it will create a lot of job avenues in the country.

This is because, the planting of such trees will create employment. 

Soaps are generated made from Palm trees. Opening factories and using using the planted palm trees to make soap will create employment. The soap will surely generate enough income for the country.

Aside soaps, beverages such as Palm wine, and other soft and alcoholic drinks are generated from palm trees. Making factories to produce these beverages is surely creating employment and generating income.

Soups and oil can also be made from the tree which will serve as food and also create employment for both government and the private individual.

Palm Trees must be planted more in the country and it will generate enough revenue and create a lot of jobs in the country. Ghana has a very fertile soil for such produce.

Thank you.

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