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Private SHS teacher shows how Covid-19 has made him lose over GHC70,000 in his ''gala'' business

I hope by this time, we all know Coronavirus shortened as Covid-19. The deadly pandemic disease that has caused the loss of more than 10billion lives in the world. It has also caused most jobs to shutdown drastically.

Let's look at the impact of Covid-19 on businesses which a Private SHS teacher is giving an account on, let's get started then.

A Private SHS teacher called Mr. Aben Mills works in a private school somewhere in Accra as a teacher. He claimed he has earned a lot from that job and yes, because he is living in a big house in which he has rented, he has cars also and living a slightly luxurious life.

Apart from his pay, he was earning lots of money through what people call ''gala''. He was good in teaching so people pays him so that he will teach their children.

He explained that he collects GHC100 for every 1 hour of teaching. He teaches the children of billionaires. He was teaching about 40 students so for every 5 hours he gets 5million from each student.

He teaches them daily too do so at least, the overall earning from the students a day will be GHC50,000 or more. He almost cried when telling what spoilt his ''gala'' business.

Coronavirus spoilt everything, he said. He even cursed the virus and the person who brought it.

What us your think of it?

Have coronavirus affected your business too?

Content created and supplied by: Leonard_Writes (via Opera News )

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