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Most of the Youth prefer to travel abroad rather than being here in Ghana.

Ghana has the highest rate of unemployment in the world and this is as a result of the governance.

Ghana is a country with so many natural endowment which can make Ghana a great country in the world but it seems we are not utilizing our resources; we could have so many companies which can cover 100% of unemployed youth in the country where there will be no sign of poverty in the country.

Naturally, we have so many natural minerals such as; Gold, Diamond, Bauxite, Timber, Manganese, Oils, and so many things and looking at this things could solve all the problems of the country. As a result of that Many youth prefer to travel to other country to hustle for survivor instead of being in Ghana because the economic is not good for living.

About 55 per cent of children in the country foresee a bleak future and are planning to leave the country by 2040, says a study published by Child Rights International (CRI). According to research, 94% of the children stated that they were worried about getting a job in the next two decades.

It also found that 42% of Ghanaians plan on moving to another country in the next five years.

Poor working conditions, lack of jobs, and the lack of opportunities for career advancement are pushing qualified Ghanaians to seek greener pastures abroad.

Many educated Ghanaians who cannot find suitable employment at home are going abroad in search of work.

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