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Top Seven Risky Jobs in Ghana

Ghana is currently a low-income country and as such there is a huge income disparity amongst the citizen. That is there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor in terms of their income. It is a must for any elderly person of the working-age to try their possible best to make or earn a living in order to support their home. As part of the features of all low-income country, there is the problem of unemployment.Thus, the only resort for all unemployed individuals is to privately start up their business by means of establishing sole proprietorship business. However before you can start a sole proprietorship business, you must have an initial capital of not less than eight hundred Ghana cedis, which is a problem for a 'normal' citizen. In this article, we are going to go through some of these jobs that are very risky and as a necessity, you must appreciate and intensely pray for all those who are into this jobs.

1.Mobile money vendors

Currently the world is modernizing and digitalizing and now all business or money related issues cannot be carried out on the phone. This is a good news for our country and the world as a whole. However the problem is the individuals or the agent who are supposed to perform the functions as a teller in the bank. Mobile money vendor or agent faces a lot of problem in a daily basis. The problem includes being frauded by tricksters. This will result in them making a loss since they lose their initial startup capital or the money they invested in the business. Several cases of mobile money fraud on agents has been heard. Also they face the danger of being attacked by armed robbers in broad daylight and occasionally experience them in the night. Last but not the least of their problems is that they have to face the wrath and anger of their valued customers.


Nurses are valuable resources of the country and are respected due to their duty that they perform for patients and the country as a whole. During the pandemic, we were forced to realise the enormous contribution that nurses and all health personnels perform and does they were rewarded for their duties. However, nurses face a lot of problem and it is very important for us to pray for them. One of such problem is that they are exposed to a lot of dangers in the form of diseases and infections which they know not of. Despite the fact that the wear protective equipment, there is a high possibility of them contracting infectious diseases whenever they handle some. Actually, they have much exposure to the disease more than the doctors because whenever the patient's come they are the first to handle them before the doctors come.Thus, there is a high risk of contracting it. Also, nurses who perform their duties at night face the problem of being attacked by armed robbers who usually operate in the night. In addition to that, they lose contact with their family because they have to work at night

3.Seasonal or Occasional Workers

You also need to pray for your parents or relatives if he or she is a seasonal or occasional worker. Some of these seasonal works include fishing,farming and occasional works include DJ, tailor, caterer etc. Incomes that come from these professions usually come to a hold or a standstill whenever the season in which money comes changes. Also,whenever there is no occasion, no money comes from any source.


If any of your relative is a hawker, you need to appreciate them and in addition,pray for them. This is because they always roam under the scorching sun trying to make ends meet. They are also the likely individuals who face the problem of road accident since they have to cross the road several times to meet their customer satisfaction.


Police are commendable citizens and heroic individuals as a matter of fact. Despite all these characteristics that they possess, they are the individuals who have the high possibilities of being shot by armed robbers at night. Also,they face the temptation of receiving bribes each and every single day.

6.Menial Jobs.

7.Night Workers

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