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Although the strategies you are about to read will increases your chances of becoming successful regardless of your talent level in any field, it would help greatly if you are doing something in which you have some talent. This would also guarantee that you will enjoy doing your task. Seldom do people hate doing things in which they are talented! Obviously there is not always the opportunity to do what one likes, but while you are earning a living, it does not hurt to constantly search for your dream job. There is an important message here for those of you who are parents and are helping your young children to grow up and become successful and happy in their life. Try to find out very early in their lives what their talents are. Then help them to grow their gift so they can make a living out of it. The examples of parents who foolishly pushed their children towards careers that they, themselves, would have liked to have regardless of the children’s interest and talent are plenty. There is a chance that you the reader are one of them


You have got to have a goal and a target because, if you don’t have a target, it is hard to tell when you reach it. Furthermore, if there is no goal, what would you focus on to assure a superior execution? However, just having a goal is not enough. Your goals must be smart. A smart goal is a goal that is achievable and which does not set you up for failure. An achievable goal is one that you are not sure you can achieve. This type of goal assures that you stretch your capabilities. An unachievable goal is one that you know you cannot achieve. Moreover, a smart goal is aligned with your ultimate goal. Otherwise, your accomplishments become trivial once you realize they have not made any contribution towards the ultimate goal, which consequently hurts your confidence and makes you depressed. It is important that you stick with your goals and do not alter them after encountering the first obstacle. Yet, it is wise to be ready to change your goal once you realize a blunder or because of a change in environment. If the goal is changed repeatedly, you have to reevaluate your ability of setting up smart goals. Furthermore if the ever changing goals have been set for others as well, you will soon lose respect and credibility.

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