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EXCLUSIVE: Limited jobs in the country leads to bribery and corruption in Ghana.

It is difficult to get jobs or be employed in the country. Most university students do not even know the work they would love to do since they can't decide on the jobs available after school.

This means some youth cannot plan their future since the future jobs are not secured.

This bring us to what we will be discussing today.

Everyone wants to employed in a sector of their choice or expertise. Some also prefer to be posted of placed in any sector available. However, the rate of employment in the country is very low. Few graduates gets employed each and everyday. What happens to the majority then.

Since everyone wants to employed, some tend to pay huge amounts of money to employers and some human resource managers of most companies in order for them to get employed.

This is called bribery. Only few vacancies for employment are available for both government and private owned businesses. These vacancies will be apply by many graduates and other persons. 

This is where bribery and corruption set in.

It looks like if you do not pay any money to them, they won't employ you. This happens in all sectors.

One will ask why don't those who do not jobs create their own business. Yes, this is a perfect idea. But the answer to this is, where will they get the capital to start. Loan is not an option for now. 

First secure a job, then find some work to build.

The country needs more businesses to employ the youth. More youths become qualified in various fields or sectors but only few are selected.

This needs to be fixed. There are several issues faced in the country and it needs to be fixed one after the other.

Thanks for reading.

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