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Youth Unemployment A Recipe For Disaster In Ghana-A Critical look At Youth Employment Initiatives 1

The youths of Ghana have been taking for granted far too long by successive governments! 

Sometimes you sit down and you wonder if our leaders indeed, have some form of concience left in them.

Are we trying to say that we are not aware of the disheartening rate of unemployment in this country?

The most annoying part is when governments come to power and introduce some "kpakpakpa" Temporal form of employment all under the guise of youth employment initiatives and implementation becomes another problem in itself.

Take a critical look at all youth employment initiatives in Ghana and you realize our leaders are either simply clueless, wicked,heartless or are just riding at the back of the sickening unemployment situation for their selfish and parochial political gains.

Just take NABCO, YEA, Youth In Afforestation,NSS etc and look at their poor payment structure and conditions Of service.

A country where the youths in the above mentioned schemes are only paid on time once in every four years, i.e the month to the general election, is sick and needs fixing! 

Take NABCO for instance , there has never been a period since the commencement of the program where Trainees are paid their meagre stipends on time!

Painfully,when you complain about this wicked mode of payment , you will get a CEO who will go on air and tell you in the face "when NABCO was not there ,what was delaying"! and that , Trainees are ingrates!

As NABCO Trainees, when we call on the the government to fix this country now , what we are asking the government to do , is to pay NABCO Trainees on time to enable trainees with entrepreneurship mindset save towards their startups.

More importantly, we are asking the government to make NABCO Trainees permanent workers!

Take the Youth employment Agency (YEA) specifically the youths with Ghana Police service. You take an unemployed youth who is in search of a Job ,gave him or her the necessary basic police training.

These youths spend a whopping three (3) or more years with the police administration , knowing very well the modus operandi of the police service.Then at the end of the day,all or most of these community police personnel (CPP) are then release back to the unemployed market after their contact with YEA elapses.

If this is not a national security threat ,what else can be? 

The youths of Ghana has suffered far too long and it's a high time we rise up and say enough is enough!

This is the only country we have and that's the more reason we are calling on our leaders to



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