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Top 20 Simplest Jobs In The World, Yet Pays Good. You May Probably Like To Switch Careers

SUBWAY PASSENGER PUSHERSubway passenger pusher

We would really need it on lines 9, 1, 6, on the RER B, the RER A, the RER C… In short, on the entire Île-de-France rail network. There is a huge gap to be filled in France, we can tell you that! One wonders why no Minister of Labor has thought of it before...


Or how to make your skin color a job… The job actually originates in China. The Chinese companies , wishing to build a strong international reputation, hiring white people to prove to the whole world their attractiveness to foreign . One of them, interviewed by CNN, said he passed himself off as the vice president of an Italian company.

DEODORANT TESTERDeodorant tester

You have to have a strong heart to do this job. What does it consist of, concretely? Simply sniff the armpits of hundreds of people to see if the deodorant formula is working . There is only one risk: losing your sense of smell at the end of this professional career.


At least the upside is that it cries less than a baby. And then it's sweet, an ostrich. Well, we must admit that the job involves some risks in terms of safety: indeed, Ostrich babysitters are not supposed to only ensure that they are well fed and that they sleep well. The main objective is to check that they are not fighting with each other . Be careful not to be attacked by these giant babies ... 


This profession is close to the limits of the legal, but what does it matter! In Iran, in Tehran more precisely, traffic is alternated according to the day, and according to the license plate. One day, only even numbers are allowed to circulate, and then the next day, it's the other way around. However, people want to hijack this law and that is why they hire a person to walk in front of their license plate . The goal ? Hide the plate so that it is not detected by CCTV.

PROFESSIONAL MOURNER ALIAS "ATMOSPHERE PLUMBER"Professional mourner alias "atmosphere plumber"There are those who do it naturally, without realizing it… And then there are the others, who are aware of this “talent”, and who use it in their professional life. They thus become “atmosphere plumbers”. Their mission? Crying at sad events like funerals . (Badly) fortunately, you can no longer exercise this profession in France since it died out in 2015. However, in countries like China, demand is still very developed, so get your tickets!


The profession of panda exciter is for idealists who want to change the world. Indeed, panda exciters are responsible for giving viagra and aphrodisiacs to pandas in order to increase their already very low libido . Dangerous when we know that this species is endangered! So we are not laughing. The mission of the panda trainers is of utmost importance. It is very noble to want to repopulate the Land of pandas!


It sounds like the title of a new Science-Fiction movie… But no, it's just a job. Born in Indonesia, the job is to sit in a car and get paid for it . But what is the use? Bypass the law. Indeed, in some regions of Indonesia, vehicles of less than three passengers are not allowed to circulate . So, to continue to move freely, many Indonesians are ready to use this kind of service. Ingenious.


Hmm… we are still puzzled by such a career choice. But OK. Someone has to clean them, those ears!

PROFESSIONAL CUDDLERProfessional cuddler

A profession made for all people who have tenderness to spare! The job is not well paid (1 euro per hour) but hey, it can be an easy solution to make ends meet! Don't be misled, the job offers nothing sexual ... Otherwise, it would be another career that we would talk about!


This is the “care bear” version of baby-sitting for ostriches. Indeed, panda nannies are not responsible for preventing fights between these animals, but rather to cuddle and pamper them , all day long !


No, no, it is not a joke. This profession really exists, and it is the company First Choice which is at the origin of this rather unusual job creation. Basically, the toboggan tester is supposed to test all the slides around the world , and he is paid 27,000 euros for these six months of “intense” work. But can you really call it a job?


Turkeys share the same problem as pandas: they don't have much of a sexual appetite. Ouch. It's annoying. But where there is a problem, there is a solution. So, to counteract this problem, geniuses had the good idea to hire people responsible for stimulating the excitement of turkeys by masturbating them . The objective is to increase the production of their “reproductive semen”.

CHICK SEXERChick sexer

The job of a chick sexter consists of discovering the sex of the chicks born . At first glance, the job turns out to be decisive for chick farmers. Indeed, it is more advantageous for them to keep the female chicks rather than the male chicks, because they are the ones who lay eggs; and that's why they need these chick sexers. It is difficult to detect the sex of a chick but if you do, your added value in the labor market will be maximum! And who says added value, says high salary!


It is only in Amsterdam, the city of cycling par excellence, that you can find such a profession. Per year, bicycle fishermen collect around 15,000 from the waters of the Amstel River.


Parking meter sirens, called “Metermaids”, come from Australia, and more precisely from Queensland. Their role ? Dressed in simple bikinis, these young women are supposed to help tourists use the parking meters on the beach . One way to make paid parking a little more fun!


They say it's the “best job in the world” ... And honestly, who would dare say otherwise? You are paid handsomely to stay six months on a paradise island (Hamilton's), basking on the pill! And by “highly paid”, we mean 78,000 euros … The only thing that is required of you is to maintain the island , and a blog about it. What a paid vacation.


Traffic zebras are actually people disguised as zebras, responsible for managing road traffic in order to help pedestrians to cross . We have the same ones in France, but we must admit that we find them a little less fun.


The profession is purely Mexican. In the street, people distribute electric shocks to drunk people in order to make them feel sober . Useful to extend the evening!


The car attendant is paid to watch your car in a parking lot . The trade is very widespread in Costa Rica. If you are looking for a professional retraining because you are tired of the routine, we have some suggestions for you! Here are the 20 strangest jobs in the world! One thing is certain: it will change your daily life ...

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