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Nabco Chief Executive on the way forward

The C.E.O of Nations Builders Corps(NABCO), Dr. Ibrahim Anyars in an interview with Umaru Sanda Amadu on Citi TVs face to face outlined what the plan is for Nabco Trainees who exited the program this October.

In the interview they discussed the reason why Nabco was created i.e to tackle graduate unemployment and for the graduates to enrich their CVs with much needed work experience.

According to him,about 49000 trainees have gained permanent employment while approximately 68000 just exited the program this past October. He also talked about the career pathway training program (CPTP), where trainees answered questionaires about their chosen exit pathway,that is what they wanted to do after the program ends. He said the options were entrepreneurship, permanent employment in the public sector or further career based training.

For those who chose entrepreneurship as their exit pathway,he said the finance minister has talked about establishing a bank to help fund the start ups.

When pressed by Umaru that the 68000 trainees are coming back to join the unemployment pool,he said the trainees knew Nabco was always temporal and that one of the first questions he asks trainees during his tours was, how many of you have applied for jobs? Reiterating the point of the temporal nature of Nabco.

For those who chose permanent employment,he said they will be placed in an exit preparation talent pool where the module implementation partners will hire from.

He also stated that trainees should expect their September and October stipends this week.


I don't know why the people in charge are not telling the trainees that they are on their own.

If you place 68000 trainees in the talent pool waiting to be hired,it's the same as sending applications to company's waiting for vacancies to open up before they can be hired.

Even though some have gained invaluable expertise and training over the three years,it will be a waste of resource to be sitting at home unemployed.

This government,they say is a listening government so I hope they are listening to the plight of 68000 trainees.

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