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Pictures: Are The Chinese The Best Bridge Builders?

One country whose architectural prowess and adventure keeps boggling the mind of people around the world is China. Home to the Great Wall, the Chinese are not new to audacious and extreme constructions. Over the years however, their love to build many jaw-dropping structures has shot to a whole new level.

Among the major structures they have found delight in construction are bridges. Not just bridges with great architectural features but also at extremely high and dangerous places.

One popular feature which makes these types of bridges stand out and unique are the usage of glass for the flooring instead of concrete, thereby making the base visible and fear-inspiring. There are others which may have elaborate designs for the height they are sited.

One question which often comes to mind is how such solid and huge infrastructure was able to be built. Others also wonder if there were no casualties during the construction of such projects considering their height. Also, the kind of machinery and technology deployed to execute such projects with precision and safely ignites curiosity.

Well, the pictures below give us a fair idea of how such dangerous constructions are executed. We can only admire the Chinese for how they have developed in the application of technology and the wonderful structures which keep springing up there and attracting tourists around the world. The Chinese are far gone.

Would you dare take part in such a project if you are given all the money in the world?

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Chinese Great Wall


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