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Top 10 Countries with Highest Paid Lawyers (2021)

Apart from the recognition, reputation and prestige attached to the law profession, it also continues to reign as one of the highest paid professions around the globe. 

Even though some practice law and still become poor, it's something that does not normally happen. Most law practitioners even strive to branch out of many fields to earn so much and live at least a standard life.

In this article, I present to you a list of top ten countries with highest paid lawyers.

10. Australia

Average salary - USD100,000

Lawyers with five years experience in Sydney, Australia earn between AU$114,000 and AU$165,000. However, those in Melbourne earn around AU$140,000. Senior associates earn AU$210,000, AU$180,000, AU$190,000 and AU$130,000 in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide respectively. 

Meanwhile, the common salary for giant partners is AU$1.24 million in Sydney, AU$1.15 million in Melbourne and AU$970,000 in Brisbane.

9. United Kingdom

Average Salary - USD103,000

In the United Kingdom, there's a wide variation in the salary of lawyers. But for trained lawyers who work in the Magic Circle (a constituent of London's most prestigious law firms), their salary is around £44,000. For those who work in law firms outside the capital, their salary is around £30,000. Lawyers who are in Magic Circle with less than 10 years experience earn an average salary between £72,000 and £85,000. Those with 10-15 years experience can earn an average salary of £100,000. However, those with over 15 years experience can make an average salary of £180,000. 

8. Canada

Average salary - USD105,000

The Canadian Lawyer Annual Compensation Survey reported that the largest group of new lawyers earned between CAD40,000 and CAD65,000 annually. 

However, those with two to seven years experience, and over seven years experience earn between CAD65,000 - CAD150,000, and CAD150,000 - CAD200,000 respectively.

Meanwhile, those with more than 10 years experience and extensive client contact are mostly chased after.

7. Germany

Average salary - USD105,000

The average salary of lawyers in Munich, Germany is €93,000.

6. Netherlands

Average salary - USD107,000

An associate in a Dutch law firm can earn around €40,000 per year for the start. However, those with over seven years experience earn over €140,000. 

5. Ireland

Average salary - USD113,000

Newly qualified solicitors in Dublin normally earn between €45,000 and €65,000 for the start. 

Meanwhile, those with five years experience, and those with seven years and above experienced lawyers earn an average salary of €80,000 and €100,000 respectively. 

Arthur Cox, A&L Goodbody, Matheson, McCan FitzGerald and William Fry are the biggest law firms in the country.

4. Norway

Average salary - USD116,000

Norway's total legal services market is worth NOK20 billion or more. 

However, the average income of a trained and certified lawyer is NOK1 million per year. 

3. Switzerland

Average salary - USD120,000

The average salary of an in-house lawyer in Geneva with over 10 years experience is around 200,000 CHROME while those with less experience earn around 120,000 CHF.

2. United States

Average salary - USD120,000

United States' highest paying states include District of Columbia, California, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The lowest paying are Idaho, Kansas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Mexico, West Virginia and South Dakota. 

Meanwhile, according to the United States Bureau of Labour, lawyers in the country earn an average salary of $120,000 per year. Those in securities and commodities earn over $200,000 while lawyers who work for the state government earn an average salary of $85,000. 

1. Japan

Average salary - USD145,000

Experienced lawyers in private practice in Japan earn an average salary of 16 million Yen. However, the average salaries for attorneys are around 10 million Yen for the start. 

Japan's legal profession consists of prosecutors, judges and attorneys.

Content created and supplied by: Ghana'sthirdeye (via Opera News )

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