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A Chief Executive Officer has revealed to the youth on some secrets to make themselves employable

In a popular radio station in Kasoa, a successful employer who is a Chief Executive Officer, was called by the host to advise young graduates. The CEO advised all young graduates to be very humble and not be boastful or too swift in taking decisions as the race is not for the swift.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, two qualified candidates were shortlisted for the final interview to fill the vacancy of General Manager in his construction company.

Both were asked If they could drive and they answered, "Yes".

The Head of HR who led the interview then handed his car keys to them to prove their driving skills within the premises.

The self-conceited applicant collected the car keys, opened the car, switched on the ignition, lighted it up, accelerated off, and made some skills on wheels before parking the car at the same spot to the seeming loud applause and explicit smiles of the interviewers.

The other General Manager applicant who could not drive collected the keys,opened the car, opened the bonnet,checked the engine oil level,the water or coolant level, brake fluid level and the gear oil level.

According to the CEO,as he closed the bonnet, the chief interviewer walked towards him and said: "Don't bother driving, you've just been hired!"

He explained that there are moral lessons that the youth should be mindful of. He explained that, '' the race is not for the swiftest, but to the wise! Don't be boastful and overconfident. That someone is doing it speedily or fast doesn't mean he is doing it right! ''

Other radio listeners called in to make remarks, as the show was to advise the youth to prepare themselves towards the job market.

One of the callers, who gave her name as Maame Serwaa, explained how she employed a University graduate who later collapsed her shop due to lateness to work. She advised the youth to put in their best instead of relying on their certificates or qualifications.

Another caller, explained how he employed two surveillance officers at his private security company. He explained that, '' One of the surveillance officers was a University graduate whilst the other was an High school leaver. The high school leaver is very diligent, humble, ready to learn and pays attention to detail. The case is the opposite for the University graduate who is always pushing for salary increment but is not punctual to work. I rather gave a double salary increment to the high school leaver because he was more productive, investigated and unraveled more issues at the work place despite his lower qualification. He currently earns more than the University graduate. My advise to the youth is to make themselves relevant at the work place than to depend on their certificates ''.

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