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There should be automatic promotion for all government workers in Ghana.

Workers in Ghana are the major key survival for the nation. Without workers, there would definitely not be a nation. Today let us look at the reason why government workers needs to be promoted automatically from one rank to a higher rank.

In Ghana before one is promoted to a higher rank, he or she needs to work in the organization for 3 or 4 years. Even if the four years is up, there is no assurance of an automatic promotion.

Before one is promoted, there will be the need to fill a lot of self documents, write examinations and wait for results before been promoted. This method of promotion must stop now.

Teachers for example suffer at this a lot. Teachers will work for four years and will not get promoted. There should be an automatic promotion of workers. Directors or Heads or Principals at various work places should monitor their workers and give them promotion as and when it is due. There is no need for examination writing. A person who is well equipped and has dedicated his whole life to the work might fail an examination for promotion. Meanwhile he or she is good at his work.

The government must ensure automatic promotion especially with the teaching field. 

A teacher can work for over 30 years and still have a lower rank as compared to someone with 10 years experience.

There should be automatic promotion in order to ensure the smooth running of our public sector. This will prevent the reduction of ages by some government workers because they want to attain a certain rank which they should have gotten years ago.

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