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Payment of Newly Posted Teachers Commence on this day of April

The Controller and Accountant General Department has released a statement on the paydays of the various civil servants including the Ghana Education Service.

According CAGD this is to inform all the public sector workers on when their banks will begin crediting their accounts on every month in the year 2021. This has been the norm for the past years so as to clear all doubts of non payments of any public sector worker.

In the statement the month of April will paid on the 26th April 2021 by the CAGD to the various banks to start crediting. All the public sector workers should therefore be expecting alerts from their banks from 27th April onwards. Some banks maybe be slow in their processing and for the customers of such banks, will be receiving their crediting alerts at the end of the month onwards.

This same payday for April will be carried over to May, June and July as well. So all public workers are therefore entreated to exercise patient for their various banks to perform the necessary processings. However the banks are henced cautioned to be quick in their crediting so as to avoid further challenges that maybe faced by this workers.

The newly posted teachers who are validated in the month of April are also included and should be expecting their payment and all arears in full. This is to improve upon the living standard of such teachers and to motivate them to take actively part in educating the young ones.

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Controller and Accountant General Department


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