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In their salaries, leaders compare Ghana to better countries. For development, they try hard not to.

Now that Parliament has approved outrageous salaries for the Presidential spouses, the true nature of the country's politicans has been revealed. Over the years, one particular notion has gone unnoticed. Citizens are too forgetful to realize it. The greed cuts across all the arms of government.

Before this news, the country saw the government increase the Supreme Court judges' pay. Around that same time, various labours were told to manage their stagnant wages and salaries because Ghana was in hardship. Leaders suppress every attempt by the ordinary Ghanaian youth to cry out for a better Ghana, and their excuse was always the COVID-19 pandemic. Fast forward, they have now agreed to officially pay spouses of the president and his vice, like state officials. They couldn't complain about the effect of COVID. 

Logically, it means these leaders don't respect or care about us. When we cry about hardship, they find excuses. Yet, they find ways and means to get their comforts. If it is about the interest of the country, they put Ghana in the developing zone. In order to benefit more from us, they rather compare their salaries to that of their fellow in the developed countries.

This means Ghana pays more to our mediocre government, while they provide less effort in return. 

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