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Business Mogul, Kennedy Agyapong Shares Real-Life Lessons To Success

Assin Central Member of Parliament, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong has shared real-life lessons that can lead to success.

In a program dubbed “Attitude with Kennedy Agyapong,” the millionaire business mogul indicated that the success of any person depends largely on their conduct and decisions.

He says delay and procrastination are not the ingredients to success. Mr. Kennedy Agyapong further advised that no one can be successful with the attitude of bias and favoritism. He says the attitude of most Ghanaians delay their success and that must be condemned.

Delay, procrastination, bias, and favoritism are not ingredients for success. We must begin to question ourselves what successful people did differently. Our attitudes in working for people and even managing our own businesses are bad”. He indicated.

He added that some persons appointed as managers turn to rather work against the company because it does not belongs to them.

According to Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, some managers are very lazy and could collapse the company in a twinkle of an eye.

“Any lazy manager will fail. Because team members will also learn the lazy attitude. A business that belongs to a foreigner and being managed by them succeeds. But business in Ghana refuses to do so. They don’t take the business like theirs. Most Ghanaians managing my businesses are messing things up just because they are working for Kennedy Agyapong. When you give Ghanaians a contract, they will delay your project for many years. Those are bad attitudes. When a white man is supervising Ghanaians, the project becomes a success. But when a Ghanaian in supervising his colleague it is worse”. He indicated.

He adds that for anyone to become a successful business owner, the person must accept the opinions of others. He added that any leader who refuses to listen will not succeed.  

“Learn to accept the opinions of your subordinates. You can never know it all. Listening to opinions does not mean you have to take all but you might get some good lessons from them. So any leader who refuses to listen has failed in advance”. Mr. Kennedy Agyapong added.

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong opined that the attitudes of many Ghanaian workers are nothing to write home about. He adds that every opportunity must be taken as a blessing.

“Take every opportunity as a blessing because there are others who can work more than you. Work as if the work belongs to you. You will be a failure if you think you are working for people. Encourage productivity through teamwork”. He advised.  

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