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Opinion: Things You Should Never Spend Your Money On When You Start Earning Salaries Or Wage.

We are in a serious race against poverty. That is the more reason why as a serious minded person who wants to achieve a feat in life, yours is to work really hard. You have to use your strength and brain power to build wealth. If you're not suffering from deformities which inhibit people from working, you're not supposed to be idle. Idleness only leads the such things as cybercrime and many dubious means of acquiring money.

This is the more reason why we are all working from dawn to dusk with the mindset of making it some day. When you start earning salaries or wages from your work, your lifestyle will eventually change. There are things which you don't do before but now, you will do them. Likewise, there are things which you do before but now, you will stop doing them.

The things you do when you have money can either help you to become worthless or wealthy in the future. These are three common things you should never spend your money on when you start earning salaries or wages.

Don't spend on a lady when she's in school or learning a trade. There are many arguments defending men who spend their fortune on their schooling girlfriends. The key factor of the argument is about love. Well, we will admit that love can make some men do many things.

But in this current society where love has disappeared or disappearing, it's quite risky to spend your hard earned money on a lady who is undergoing apprenticeship or schooling. I know some guys who were jilted after their ladies completed the school or apprenticeship. To be on a safer side, take caution. But this is a free advise; take it or leave it. We will sympathise with you when it end in tears.

Don't spend on a car immediately you start earning salaries or wages. People defend buying a car as a priority. Let's face the facts in life. It is better to live a down to earth lifestyle than being profoundly imaginative. Someone can acquire a car instantly after assuming work and still enjoy a better standard of living.

What about you? How much are you earning that will ginger you to acquire a car which you can't maintain after few days? Some people also take huge loans just to buy a car for no commercial purposes other than carrying ladies. Foolishness! Social media pressure is killing lots of people financially. Don't be such an asshole! Secure a better future first; get a good financial ground first before buying a car.

Don't spend your salaries or wages on expensive rooms, clothes or smartphones. Some people think that when you hold an expensive phone in your hand, you're more respected. Sure; people will respect you openly and mock your folly in secret. They'll say you don't even take care of your family yet, you spend heavily on clothes.

You don't own a house of your own yet, you keep splashing money on dainty clothes and food. Wise up! Your life doesn't depend on what people will see you wear or eat. Live within your means and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Don't live like some insane youths who never acquire anything with their hard earned money apart from spending on things to catch public attention.

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