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Your Success May Not Be “success” To Someone Else And Vice-versa (See Why)

Be careful who you listen to and who you surround yourself with.

Because often times we create this “mental picture” of what success looks like but when we listen to those around us and THEIR expectations of success, we start to question our standard of success.

Always look to those above you and strive to reach them, but never forget about those below you and treat them unjustly.

Focus on YOUR personal and relative meaning of success and your life will start to take meaning.

You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you.

Focus on the power of God. He is wise enough to know the answers to your problem. You are more than your heartbreaks, you are more than your failures. You are more than your setbacks. You are more than the pain of your past and you are more than your mistakes. You are God's child and He will get you through these hard times. Have faith. Your miracle will show up when you least expect it, in a manner you never dreamt about. The bigger your storm, the bigger your rainbow. Have a blessed day.

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