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Find out the full meaning of Dr, DJ, Pm, Am, OMG, PhD, MPhil and FM.

There are several English words or phrases which have been made short due to the length or pronunciation of some of these phrases or words. 

Acronyms are letters which have been created from these phrases or words to represent such words. There are several acronyms in the dictionary, but in today's article, let us take a look at eight acronyms we usually use in our daily lives and their meaning.

#1. DR

This an abbreviation for Doctor. It is used to refer to medical doctors or sometimes persons with Doctors degree after completing their third degree.

#2. DJ

This also means Disk Jockey. It refers to a person who controls the sound and music at every occasion.

#3. PM

This is an abbreviation for Post Meridiem, meaning "after noon" in the 12-hour clock. 

#4. AM

This is the opposite of the 'PM'. This acronym refers to ante meridiem. It is used to refer to time before midday.

#5. OMG

This is a very popular saying by most persons. It literary means 'Oh My God'. Others too will interpret it as 'Oh My Goodness'. It is normally used in a moment of shock.

#6. PhD.

This means Doctor of Philosophy. It is obtained after a masters degree. Sometimes, it is given as a reward by a reputable university.

#7. MPhil

This is the lower level of PhD. This abbreviation means Master of Philosophy. It is usually obtained by the continuation of a degree programme at the tertiary institution.

#8. FM

Have you ever wondered the meaning of FM with is added to the names of all radio stations in Ghana. FM stands for Frequency Modulation.

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