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The Open Door of Employment and Growth

The ladder of success is mostly not the singular efforts of an individual. But the collective efforts of all well-meaning individuals. Which can be friends, family, or even those we do not know. Our secret admirers and supporters.

For the hidden secret in this world, is that we climb to greater heights by helping others by any means possible.

A friend of mine, narrated how the doors of employment open unto him thereby catapulting him to graces he never knew possible. All because of good deeds his father rendered to someone years ago.

He made known to me of an interview, of a job opportunity he went to. As he got there and presented his credentials. The Human Resource Manager, ask him about his name and who his father was?

As fate will have it, his father was once a senior to the Manager and had greatly helped him during his school days. Protecting him from bullies and sometimes sharing his food and personal stuff with him. Although it was small, he rendered seeds, as an act of goodness which bore bountiful fruit in the heart of the Manager.

Due to the Managers protection and friendship with his senior, his days in school were enjoyable and productive.  

By doing good to others, it unexpectedly comes back to us in unpredictable ways. As the good deeds done by my friend’s father to his school’s son years ago. Opened the door of employment to his son, after years of graduating from the University.

These simple acts of generosity done by the senior, which might seem normal, left an indelible mark on the heart of his school son.

Fast forward in the future, the school son now Human Resource Manager in his grace to also do a good deed to his school father, gave employment to his son. The Manager, in providing a job to my friend might think it normal. But it changed the destiny of my friend after eight years of joblessness. Thereby empowering him to be a breadwinner in his family as he diligently works and quickly rose in the ranks through promotions.

In this life, we should adhere not to live for ourselves. But rather live and invest, in the life of others, since in so doing we are laying up gold as dust to our generations by opening the doors of favors and graces upon their lives.

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