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3 most difficult interviewed questions.

Obviously, interviewing is important. It’s your chance to get to know the candidate and really decide if they are what you’re looking for in the position.

Before you go for an interview, you need to fully prepare, for every possible question could be ask within the field of your expertise.

For that, some organizations have taken it too far, asking impossibly difficult questions to see how someone can handle pressure.

Some difficult questions asked during an interviews

1. Prove to me that you are honest- in one minute.

an example of one of the hardest interview questions we came across: an interviewer asked a candidate if they're honest and the candidate said yes. The interviewer said prove it to me in one minute.The candidate was speechless.

2.How many stairs did you come across in this building while you were on your way to this interview.

This was asked in an interview with an engineering company.

3. When do things move faster? Day or night?.

A candidate was asked this during an interview to get into a university’s engineering program. The candidate said night, with the interviewer following up with why.

"Because there’s less traffic at night," the candidate said.

Share with us the difficult question you came across....

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Share with us the the difficult question you came across

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