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10 Bill Gates Rules for Success and Create a Huge Empire.

It is difficult to create a new way and become a successful person rather follow the footsteps of the successful person which is much easier.

We know about the Bill Gates but what does not know is the process of the getting the success formula that he has followed through his life to acquire this position.

So, today I am talking about 10 Bill Gates rules for success and his success recipes as well as what made bill gates a successful entrepreneur!

10 Bill Gates Rules for Success

Through the rules of Bill Gates, you will able to get motivation and a path that you can follow as. Famous quotes For 100 Startup Book (Amazon Book):

“ I watch other people had done and tried to reverse — engineer their success”

1. Grab the Opportunity

It is quite interesting that he always talks about this. As he said: I am a bad influence and good for them who do not want to lose a small opportunity.

As we all know Bill Gates is a dropout, students and stated his own company. Not only that he influenced his friend Ballmer, whom he met in Oxford, to drop out of University and join his company.

One of the interviews Bill Gates offers a blank check to the interviewer to add the mathematical number what she wanted but she refuses to take it. On that time Bill Gates said: “ I do not lose the opportunity which comes to me I always try to grab it”. and you lose the big opportunity.

2. Find little-used markets

Gates (by luck or by intuition) was able to see that in consumer computing there was an equally valuable market in the manufacture of hardware as in that of software. So while his competitors struggled to create the best computers, Bill focused on developing operating systems that allowed him to grow and expand with very little competition.

3. Do not invent the black thread

Bill Gates has been accused many times of a lack of creativity and innovation. Apple even sued Microsoft for considering that Windows was a plagiarism of the graphical interface of its Macintosh. On the other hand, since the creation of MS-DOS, which it sold to IBM and which later became Windows, the business model would remain Over the next several years:

I would create operating systems that could run on different computers and include programs that could only be used with that software. Also, it is no secret that Windows updates do not mean big changes, but small improvements to the previous one. But one thing is clear: this method has worked for him… very well.

4. Learn from failures

One of Bill Gates’ best quotes is “It’s okay to celebrate success, but it’s more important to pay attention to the lessons of failure.” And is that the co-founder of Microsoft, like everyone, has faced several falls.

5. Surround yourself with the best

Gates has indicated that in addition to adding talent and intelligence, the policy of his Human Resources area is to hire passionate people, who share the corporate culture and want to face new challenges.

6. Get the best lessons … from anywhere

Bill Gates has always accepted that he is a fan of a bridge and that this game is the most precious activity of his leisure time. Although he considers himself an average player, he says that playing it allows him to study people and understand their strategies to become great players.

7. Understand your stages as an entrepreneur Bill Gates

Every entrepreneur must learn this cycle: in the beginning, the business will require sacrifices and a lot of work, but over time you must learn to delegate and leave a business culture that continues even when you are not there.

8. Being a nerd is worth it

Bill Gates said, “Be nice to nerds, the odds are that you end up working for one of them.” It is a good example that to succeed you must be authentic and true to yourself.

9. Be generous to your society

Bill Gates is as well known for the business side as he is for the philanthropic. Together with his wife Melinda, he directs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, dedicated to rebalancing opportunities in health and education at the local level, especially in disadvantaged regions.

10. Have a good personal life

Work is not everything. Never stop having hobbies that make you happy. We always see Gates love to read a lot of books when gets sometimes. Someone can say it is his learning period or lazier time to enjoy by reading. Besides, he plenty of time to his family and enjoy with them to boost himself.

If you do not know family is the most supportive and hand in hand partner in whole life then you are making a big mistake. So, spend some time with your family not looking at the watch.

This is the top 10 rules that what made Bill Gates a successful entrepreneur!

Content created and supplied by: OpokuRoggers (via Opera News )

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