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How To Become a Nurse In The UK

Do you desire to work as a registered nurse in the UK? Nursing is one of the cherished professions worldwide. As a nurse, you meet different people, take care of them and make a difference in their lives. Also, it is one of the professions that allows travelling the world without struggle.

Having had the opportunity as a Ghanaian trained nurse to work in the UK, it is expedient to let you know the step by step process to pursue your nursing career in the United Kingdom.

The UK is made up of four prominent countries viz England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The demand for health care services in these areas have proliferated over the years to the extent that the number of nurses cannot meet up to the high demand. Given this, doors have been opened to nurses across the length and breadth of the globe to practice and enhance their skills.

This article would focus on the requirements you must have to commence the whole process. You might not be a nurse or midwife, however, you have a friend or family member in this professional space looking for an opportunity like this. Try to take advantage of this if you're a registered nurse or midwife. You can also share this if you don't play in this professional space.

It's not a hard process walking up to become a nurse in the United Kingdom. It's a matter of taking advantage of time and being consistent and determined to get there no matter the discouragement and negativities.

At the start, it might seem impossible and unrealistic, however, a positive mindset changes the game. To become a nurse or midwife in the UK, some requirements must be met. This includes;

1. Passion

Desperation to travel can be detrimental. Before you decide to pursue your nursing dream in the UK, your move should be fueled by passion. Passion is a strong liking or desire to do or have something no matter the cost, the time and effort associated with it.

With passion comes happiness and fulfilment. Don't be desperate to travel because you want to. And don't do it because you want to impress people. Rather, do it because you believe it would bring happiness and strong fulfilment to your being.

2. Have a valid passport

You'll be daydreaming of legitimately travelling to the UK without a valid passport. You need a passport to claim your visa. You need it to register with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council and as a proof of identity. Without a passport, the desire to work in the UK is a mere fantasy.

Start planning to get one if you want to enhance your skills in the United Kingdom.

3. Be a registered nurse or midwife

Before you think of trekking the path of working in the UK as a nurse, you should be registered in your home country. This means, your name must be in the books of your home country's NMC. You should have a PIN mandating you to practice nursing and midwifery in your home country.

4. Security concerns

Security is key everywhere. Like other countries, before you travel to the United Kingdom, you need to prove that you've not engaged in any criminal act. This can be achieved by having evidence of a security clearance form. This is known to the public as a police clearance form. You need this to process your visa.

If you've lived in more than one country for 12 months or more, you need to provide criminal-free evidence of all the countries.

5. Educational qualification

As part of the requirement, educational qualification is paramount. It is the certificate awarded after completing a nursing or midwifery course in a tertiary institution. The qualification to apply to become a nurse in the United Kingdom is at least a Diploma.

6. CV/Resume

A CV/Resume is essential when it comes to job search. It is a document that simplifies your qualification, skills and interest to the employer. To be employed by a healthcare facility in the UK, the employer would want to review your CV to see if the skills and qualifications meet her expectation. So it's necessary to write a convincing CV

7. Proof of English proficiency

Since the UK is an English-speaking country, nurses are required to prove their English proficiency by writing a certified English language test. This test can be the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Occupational English Test (OET).

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The article was written by Seth Darko Agyemang

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