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Although you may be getting interviews, you are unlikely to be employed. This indicates that you aren't doing things correctly.

You are the CEO of your job search, therefore treat it like a job and put in your best effort to get the position. Be truthful to yourself. What kind of preparation do you undertake for interviews?

10 > Excellent

8-9 > Great

6-7 > Good

4-5 > Okay

2-3 > Bad

1 > Terrible

Interviews are a kind of competition with other candidates, so keep that in mind. As a result, strive to follow the instructions below before and during a job interview.

1. Effective Interview Preparation - Practice your presentation abilities, maintain appropriate body language, prepare your replies, and do practice interviews with family and friends by answering random interview questions.

2. Research the Company ahead of the interview - Learn about the company's products and/or services by visiting their website. What are the company's key values, mission, and vision statement? On their social media profiles, learn about the company's competitors, financials, and activities. In general, ensure you have sufficient knowledge of the company's operations and clients. Companies and their information may always be found on Google or LinkedIn. It's doubtful if you don't know anything about the company. It demonstrates that you have knowledge about the firm when you display it.

3. Personalize ansers to specxcific rules - Read the job description ad attentively and think about what questions the interview panel might ask. You are not there for any role, therefore target your comments to specific questions and illustrate how you would be a perfect fit for that role by include relevant experiences and examples in your responses. You must pique the interviewer's curiosity in learning more about you. Extend your accomplishments and talents that are relevant to the job description. Do a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats analysis ahead of time to make a list of your strengths. For example, if the role states deadlines, discuss how you can exceed the role's objectives by meeting extremely strict deadlines.

4. Value - Demonstrate your ability to add value. To generate demand, concentrate on need analysis. As a result, turn the company's needs into solution-focused goals that showcase you as a candidate who isn't only full of words but also takes action.

5. The Congeniality Factor - After you've completed all of the above, your ability to be likeable, polite, smart, and demonstrate people skills will set you apart. The hiring manager is more inclined to hire someone who can do more than just answer standard interview questions. You must demonstrate facts that will persuade recruiters that you are fascinating and interesting.

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