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Kwaku Azar Writes - Great Leaders Do Not Waste Crisis. They Turn Them Into Opportunities

Lawyer and KPMG Professor in Accounting at the Fisher School of Accounting, University of Florida Stephen Kwaku Asare widely known as Kwaku Azar has commented that, great leader do not waste crisis but turn it into opportunity. His comments comes as a background to the Achimota Forest brouhaha and Sir John's WILL.

In a post shared on his Official Facebook page on Tuesday, 24th May, 2022, he wrote;

"Great leaders do not waste crisis. They turn them into opportunities. 

All the leadership books tell us that a crisis provides a leader with the platform to strengthen systems and accelerate the implementation of things that were required to be done anyway. 

Crisis requires big thinking to understand what has gone wrong, solve the underlying problem, emplace controls to prevent its recurrence, and acknowledge but learn from mistakes.

In the current circumstances, a great leader might speak to the people as follows:

“I’m shocked by recent events. This is not the way to go, etc.

I have released my assets disclosure form on

With immediate effect, I have ordered the auditor-general to release all financial disclosures lodged with it on Anyone who was required to declare assets but have not done so should consider themselves dismissed.

The Auditor-General and CHRAJ should launch parallel investigations into the disclosures of all public officers who are required to file disclosures. 

The DPP and OSP should prosecute all who have illegally acquired wealth. I have directed the finance minister to release xxx cedis to facilitate their investigation and prosecution.”

But not Ghanafuo. Even as these embarrassing disclosures are being discussed, others are busy bribing delegates with tractors, fertilizers, solar panels, television sets, premium payment, etc.

Then we will elect these honorable persons, whose case for being crowned as leaders is that they bribed delegates, and expect them to protect our forest?

Please, thinking and acting this way will impoverish us forever while they bequeath their wealth to their kith and kin forever.

The question then is what next? GOGO is the answer."

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