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GES: Qualified Heads and Directors in Cue for Appointment While Retirees are Still at Post

Teachers rise from the lower ranks in the service to hold positions in the Ghana Education Service, each year qualified applicants for headship and district directors of education are invited to attend an interview. The successful applicants are notified and they are put on waiting list pending for vacancies.

There are over one thousand successful applicants for the position of Assistant Headmaster, Headmaster and district Director of Education who are waiting for appointment to take up the role. Some of these qualified applicants have been in the cue for years, others have retired whiles waiting in the cue.

Our checks indicate that, there are Headmasters in the Senior High Schools who are due for retirement and still at post, Nedved Self media visited some selected Senior High Schools in the ten traditional regions in the country to interact with teaching and non teaching staff. It was revealed that, some of these Headmasters have been notified by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust Fund (SSNIT).

Majority of the Headmaster claimed they have not received letter from the Ghana Education Service to notify them on their retirement, they are waiting to receive their letters to proceed on retirement. Their names have been taken off from their school payment voucher on the electronic payslip. They still have their signatures on the school bank account. Some were due for retirement since January, 2021 and they are still at post. Their salaries have been taken off from government payroll but they are interested in what they get in the school.

In Greater Accra, one of the Headmaster we spoke with indicated that, he was due for retirement on July, 2021, He received a notification from SSNIT three months to his retirement but he is yet to receive letter from the Ghana Education Service. He stated that, He has written to notify Ghana Education Service and He is waiting for the feedback, if he is given an extension he will welcome it. None of these retired Headmasters who are still at post are on contract with the Ghana Education Service. They are still at post because the system is not working at the Ghana Education Service, if the system is really working, they should have notified them and get replacement. Qualified applicants have been in the cue for long, those responsible should do the needful.

Some Headmasters have different date of birth from their Social Security and National Insurance Trust Fund (SNNIT) records and their personal records at the Ghana Education Service, some of them have made several attempts to change their records at the Ghana Education Service to reflect that of SSNIT, their atempt have not been successful, some presented fake documents.

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