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NSS: Some important information to all Service Personnel in Ghana

 According to the National Service Scheme (NSS), service person shall be issued with a certificate of national service after the successful completion of the service. An annual report form duly commented on and signed by the service person should have been completed by the supervisor and forwarded to the Regional Director by the end of May each year.

The National Service Board reserves the right to:

a. Withhold or refuse the award of a national certificate where the conditions of service have not been fulfilled. 

b. Request a service person to repeat the entire period of national service upon reports that his/her service has not been satisfactory.

c. Reward service personnel who offer outstanding service in a fitting manner.


Accident while on official duty

In case of an accident while on official duty, the User-Agency will be required to provide appropriate support that may be needed for the speedy recovery of the service person or volunteer concerned.

Death while in service

In case of the death of a national service person or volunteer, the establishment in which he/she served shall pay the government- approved funeral grant to the bereaved family.

Emergency welfare cases

All emergency welfare cases concerning personnel or volunteers should be quickly reported to the nearest District or Regional Secretariat of the National Service Scheme.


Car Maintenance Allowance

Where a service person, with his/her own means of transport, is allowed to use such means of transport on authorised official duties, he/she shall be paid maintenance allowance and kilometric allowance, at existing rates applicable, by the establishment or organisation.

Overnight Allowance

When a national service person performs out-of-station official duties, he/she shall be entitled to allowances paid to officers of comparable status in the organisation/ establishment.

Apart from clothing allowance (where payable), which should be at the level payable to personnel of comparable status, any other allowances to be paid to national service personnel should first be cleared with the National Service Secretariat.


1. Dismissal of service personnel cannot be effected by heads of User-Agencies without prior consultation with or approval of the National Service Secretariat.

2. User-agencies will be required to report (with citation) to the Secretariat cases of outstanding performance by service personnel. They may award such personnel.

Source: National Service Scheme.

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